Evgeny Roshchin Webinars

Online practice in digital dentistry
Modeling aligners
(Blue Sky Plan)

Online practice

One Day оf theory:
In the record

Two days of online practice:
May 30-31

Evgeny Roshchin
About the course
The course is dedicated to the complete protocol of manufacturing aligners directly in your laboratory.
- diagnostics
- planning
- modeling
- standard and individual protocol

The main emphasis is on practice. You will implement the virtual planning protocol independently and fully:

- perform tooth separation in the program
- select the necessary attachments
- gradually align the dental arches
- perform root segmentation and comparison with intraoral scans
Course Program
Theory - 1 day 2 hours (in record)
Practice - 2 days - 4 hours each (May 30-31)
  • 1
    Webinar 1: Theory
    - Indications to use aligners for planning orthodontic treatment;
    - Necessary software and equipment for planning a full cycle of aligners;
    - Main stages of modeling of orthodontic aligners;
    - Review of attachments and review of biomechanics with using aligners;
    - Planning treatment with classic and individual algorithm. Main differences;
    - Use of computed tomography data.
  • 2
    May 30
    Standard protocol for modeling orthodontic aligners
    – What software is needed for modeling aligners. Blue Sky Plan;
    - Features of the preparation of clinical information for the manufacture of mouthguards (casts/models, intraoral scans), preparation of a working model for
    - Overview of necessary equipment (vacuum formers, 3D printers) and materials for the manufacture
    of mouthguards;
    - Standard protocol for modeling orthodontic aligners.
    - Features of moving teeth with aligners.
    - Attachments. Varieties, application, manufacture.
    - Calculation of the optimal movement of teeth in the dentition.
    - Calculation of the required number of mouthguards
    - Practical part, work with the program, analysis
    of the main stages of preparing virtual models
    for teeth rearrangement.
  • 3
    May 31
    Individual protocol for modeling orthodontic aligners
    - Individual protocol of modeling orthodontic aligners.
    - Use of computed tomography data.
    - Use of Prosystom protocols
    - The importance of an individual approach in planning treatment.

    Necessary software for modeling aligners
    1. The PC with installed program: Blue Sky Plan
    - Zoom with a registered (free) account;
    2. Mouse;
    3. Headphones, microphone;
Evgeny Roshchin
Dentist-orthopedist, dentist-orthodontist. DDS.
- Developer of optical axiograph, electronic articulator and other equipment for functional diagnostics.
- Author of 16 patented techniques.
- Consultant doctor of the Kavo company (Germany) in the field of functional dentistry since 2010.
- Author of master classes and lectures at DentalExpo exhibitions since 2010.
until March 31
Theory + Practice: 300$ \ 274€

after March 31:
Theory + Practice: 350$ \ 319€